Communication: an important business tool.

In a world obsessed with online communities, comes a new challenge within the world of commerce. With an enormous need for direct two-way communications in the past year, executive teams have had to work with this new challenge. 

With social media crazed digital communities, the expectation for increased influence is higher than ever before. While it has always been a priority in creating successful businesses, the digital age has largely progressed, bringing forward the need for our skills in communications to improve.

How is one failing in digital age communications?

In the revolution of the Blockchain sphere, failing in communications can mean failing in business. In a time full of young investors drawn strongly by social media, even small and diverse investors are now expecting to communicate directly with the head of a multi-million dollars project.

In order to succeed in a business or project, one will need to build a secure community to be its pillars. To build such foundations, communication must be a priority.

The problem is not companies and projects not realizing the importance of communication but more the lack of contact within this said project. Companies will be hiring a third party individual (often separated from a team) to take the control of their whole communications which in theory means giving this one person the job of multiple employees.

This person can easily end up with an overload of work and not be able to build a solid relationship within the community, either due to a lack of training and time or by having little to no knowledge on the project; often ending up left ‘out of the loop’ on what is happening.

Barriers of communications are forming. This is not surprising when they haven’t actually communicated with each other but only relied on an isolated middle man to orchestrate on their behalf instead. This often results in mistakes which could be prevented, as well as unwillingness from the community to participate. Eventually, the formation of a bad reputation is waiting not far around the corner.

What is the solution?

With the 2017 ‘cryptocurrency bubble‘, the need for improving communications within Blockchain businesses has grown predominantly. The importance of a company being able to interact with their digital community, really could be ‘the be all or end all’, and it seems that the popular solution of hiring single third parties community managers is not efficient enough.

As the industry of computer science has moved up to a whole new level with the technology, the companies and projects are in the need to advance by securing relationships with the digital market. A lot of startups with a great potential to succeed are getting drowned in the amount of effort it takes to build and keep their following.

We are Gremis

With a passion for both Blockchain and social interactions, we are aware of all these possible problems a company could face and how a proper communication level is the key to success.

The target: use our skills combined with our energetic attitude to provide a team specialized purely in the communications for Blockchain companies (during an Initial Coin Offering or other moments that are heavy on resources consumption), followed by the possibility to totally remove the need for a third party by offering communication formation and mentoring, providing full independence to a company.

Communicate to get the most out of the Blockchain technology.

We must keep up with its fast paced evolution and improve both internal and external transmissions in projects. It is important to keep up with the ever growing demand of the digital market.

The volume of successful companies likely depends on how strong they can build their community, one thing which can only be achieved through human connections.  

No matter how advanced the technology gets, the need for direct contacts will still be there.