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Gremis opens new office in vibrant and innovative Montreal

Gremis is proud to announce that we have officially opened a new office in Montreal (Quebec, Canada), a city known for its vibrant, innovative and young scene.

This strategic decision will allow Gremis to become implemented in the exponentially rising fintech field not only within the city of Montreal itself, but across all of North America.

Having a seat in Montreal is also greatly beneficial for the Gremis team, with many Canadian members on board. While Gremis has team members all over the globe, having a central hub to work and collaborate together from face-to-face will prove to be very beneficial to the company’s productivity and innovation.

Having presence in Montreal will further allow Gremis to collaborate and partner with the numerous and varied fintech and blockchain companies that exist in Canada as well, as Managing Director Samuel Dionne points out:

“Our goal is to evolve with all the other companies that are also in blockchain and share what we’ve learned along the way. There is a lot of space for development here. Montréal is such a vibrant city; its general mindset and “vibe” goes along with the spirit of Gremis very well. We’re glad to now be part of its community.”

Canada has been at the forefront of blockchain innovation from the very start, and the momentum is still going strong. In fact, nearly half of all Canadian firms surveyed by Deloitte plan to implement blockchain technology within their businesses in 2019. The future is looking very bright for the fintech and blockchain space in Canada, and Gremis is thrilled to be an integral part of it.