Gremis and Tokeny Announce Official Partnership to Collaborate on FinTech

October 29, 2018 — Luxembourg/Switzerland

Gremis Communication Agency and Tokeny, the market-leading tokenization platform, have collaborated to share services with their respective networks. This new partnership contributes to building an ecosystem of trusted partners in the FinTech industry.  

Both firms’ existing customers now have two companies with a shared vision they can rely on to help them navigate the industry. Tokeny and Gremis commit to providing high quality services and share the long term vision of the blockchain industry. They are digital-first companies and work to improve the client experience.

Gremis has a strong track record in providing content writing, social media, and strategic communications services to its clients.

On Building Trust in FinTech

Tokeny Founder, Luc Falempin, said,  “At Tokeny, we enable the issuance of fully compliant security tokens. Communicating this to our core market is of utmost importance and partnering with companies such as Gremis allows us to achieve this.”

On the Partnership

Gremis Founder and Managing Director, Samuel Dionne said, “We’re glad to have the opportunity to share our knowledge and resources with a new trusted partner. Gremis looks forward to building strong relationships and offering its services to those in the Tokeny family. We also look forward to developing links with Luxembourg, a country renowned for its FinTech industry.”

About Gremis:

Gremis is the leading communication agency of the blockchain era. Created in the heart of the Crypto Valley, Gremis (LLC / GmbH) is a startup based in Switzerland and specialized in providing communication services to businesses with a digital presence, notably to companies in the field of financial technologies such as blockchain.

Promoting a unique work etiquette, the company is principally composed of freelancers and digital nomads with extended knowledge in their respective fields, resulting in the formation of a reactive and adaptable team.

About Tokeny:

The Luxembourg based fintech company is the market leader in delivering an institutional grade, secure end-to-end platform, allowing for the issuance and lifecycle management of tokens.

Tokeny utilises their proprietary TREX (Token for Regulated EXchanges) infrastructure to onboard investors in an effortless way, enabling them to seamlessly make investments in tokenized securities. Investors are guided through the necessary steps, including the necessary KYC and AML compliance checks, ensuring all participants are eligible for the investment. Dividends, voting, announcements, investor validation and other corporate events can all be managed from the Tokeny platform by the issuer or his agent.

Tokeny’s solution leverages blockchain technology and couples it with decades of experience from the traditional securities world. Tokeny utilises this background to make the participation of any contributor in an STO transparent, accessible, and completely secure.



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