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Encouraging digital nomads at Gremis

Over the past five years the digital nomad movement has exploded; especially since the launch of job platforms such as Jobbatical, aimed especially for digital nomads who are searching for work in other countries and even let you know if the company will help with visa costs or arrangements.

You can probably think of a lot of benefits to living like a digital nomad and that quite easily (even Wall street journal described the movement as “the new elite”), but why hire digital nomads?

Here we’ve made a list of why at Gremis we encourage digital nomads:

The skills digital nomads can bring to companies

Negotiation — Digital nomads will likely be expert negotiators, with all of the hands-on experience that comes with the lifestyle. Whether it’s to secure online work or negotiate prices at market stalls, it’s likely to be something they have done often.

Great with technology — Relying on technology to earn their living, digital nomads have usually learned to use their main tool well.

Entrepreneurial mindset — A digital nomad has likely already taken risks to get the lifestyle they have,, as well as being independent and having the ability to analyse their decisions well, having to keep up an income to fund travels means they would probably have learned to analyse decisions really well being aware that making the wrong decision could put their lifestyle at risk.

Great at networking — With the complex task of having to make yourself stand out and form connections with a global network. Digital nomads are usually savvy networkers which are a great skill to bring to your business or project.

Time-keeping skills — A digital nomad would have experience working in different time-zones and adjusting to them to meet deadlines. They would have learned to prioritize tasks well and be good at organizing their time.

Creativity — Being involved in different cultures and taking in art, music and alike all over the world is bound to increase your creativity. Traveling with little belongings they are also going to have been creative with what they have to get by.

An employee/freelancer that’s willing to fly across the world just to work with you — The lifestyle enables them to be free to get up and go wherever work takes them, even if that means traveling to different countries often, they are not tied down to anything and used to traveling independently. This also allows companies to search across borders for the candidate with the perfect skills for the job.

Great at being newbies — With a way of living that means you are often in new places and surrounded by new people, it will be easy for them to jump in and work with your team with ease.

How is Gremis encouraging digital nomads

We don’t just encourage digital nomad’s, our team members live like digital nomads. Travelling for work and working remotely with technology as our tool, we ourselves are proof that a tightly knit team can be formed from individuals worldwide and be successful, we do not only think of ourselves as a team but as a global family; and having the freedom to live as a digital nomad is one of GREMIS’ family values.