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About us

Created in the heart of the Crypto Valley, Gremis (GmbH) is a startup based in Switzerland and specialized in providing communication services to businesses with a digital presence, notably to companies in the field of financial technologies such as blockchain

Promoting a unique work etiquette, the company is principally composed of freelancers and digital nomads with extended knowledge in their respective fields, resulting in the formation of a reactive and adaptable team. 

Canton of Zug

Sumpfstrasse 26
6312 Steinhausen Zug, Switzerland

Business Identification Number

Commercial Register Number 

4388 Rue Saint-Denis, suite 200, H2J 2L1
Montreal, QC, Canada

Quebec Enterprise Number

A unique mixture of people resulting in a unique team.

A small word from Samuel Dionne

"While still being young, Gremis has a lot of history to tell. It is a lot more than a simple company; it is a family to my eyes. We are often facing new challenges which are providing us the opportunity to become better at what we do. As time goes, we are not only evolving as a team, but as a whole. It is impossible for me to describe the chance that I have to work with the amazing and passionate individuals who are listed up there. They are not only making this adventure possible but also giving a soul and a meaning to our agency.

I am proud of the efforts they put in their work and of what they are achieving."
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