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The leading communication
agency of the blockchain era.

Building powerful links
Because we deeply believe that it's all about creating human connections. Nothing more, nothing less.

Since the beginning of Gremis, our dynamic team has helped a great amount of distinct companies in their efforts to improve the way they communicate. 

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Our services

Our team is glad to offer a wide range of specialized services in the field of digital communications.

Content Writing

To us, writing is more than simply putting words together. What you are trying to communicate should always have a soul; and we make sure ours does.

Customer Support

Since no questions should ever be left unanswered, we are providing the coverage to give each and every customer the attention they deserve.

Community Management

Communities are the pillars of companies. They should be kept informed, entertained and enjoy their time in a friendly environment. People are not robots, and we know that.

Advising and Consulting

No one can be good at everything. Since being properly advised is important when building a project, we're happy to share our knowledge in the field of communications.

Social Media Management

Social channels are amazing tools. To be effective, they should always be professionally managed and positively represent a company. We do that.

Bounty Management

Giving tokens in exchange of services is effective and affordable. With our partner Bounty Portals, we are able to offer a pool of over 10,000 participants.

Our partners and clients

We take great pride in building fruitful and long-term relationships with the teams of every single company who decides to put their trust in our services.
(Since, well, they’re not numbers to our eyes.)

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